Families got together to celebrate

Families and kainga of ʻInoke-ʻOfa-ki-Onehunga-High Maka (24)  have come together to celebrate the achievement of their son after he was graduated from Otago University with a Bachelor of Science in 2012.

‘Inoke’s study was majoring in subjects relating to anatomy as he looks forward to becoming a general practitioner in the future.

He will continue on to study for a Master of Science in 2013 according to his father Mr. Tinitali Maka.

Coming from Tukulalo – Ha’akio, Vava’u in the Kingdom of Tonga, his families and kainga arranged for a lunch at the Dominion Valentine Restaurant in Auckland where speeches and special entertainment have been performed to entertain ‘Inoke’s success.

“We are so happy that God has enriched our family by Inoke’s success. We have been struggling financially especially he was not entitled to any student allowance only the student loan and we have to pay for his rent and other school expenses throughout his study,” his father  said.

As part of the ceremony’s  programme ‘Inoke in his thanking speech  thanked his relatives especially his parents for their patience and perseverance that has been made throughout his years in the university to assist him during his study.

The once top mark of the Pacific countries PSSR Science Subject Examnination told his parents that without their assistance he may have not been successful in his study.

The ‘ulummotu’a of the family Inoke Senior who ‘Inoke Maka is named after briefly described ‘Inoke as a very emotional but prudent little gentleman.

He said that he once lived with ‘Inoke in his residence in Tofoa, Tongatapu after years of schooling at Vava’u High School and before relocating to New Zealand to take up his study at Otago University.

He watched him closely and he could tell at the time that ‘Inoke is really a shrewd judge of character.

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