His Majesty’s Cabinet Prepares for Third Year in Office.

The Prime Minister of Tonga, Lord Tu’ivakano and members of His Majesty’s Cabinet held a special meeting today followed by a photo session to mark the beginning of Cabinet meetings for 2013
Since the government restructure in July 2012, the Government is now made up of 14 Ministries, Agencies and Independent Agencies and statutory bodies of Government.

Executive Branch

The Cabinet is the executive branch of government, with its Ministers chosen from elected members of the Legislative Assembly, and including appointed Ministers chosen by the Prime Minister, according to law.
His Majesty’s Cabinet plays a pivotal role in the running the business of Government and the country as a whole as it maintains relationships with other parts of government under the Constitution including the Legislature, the Judiciary, and with the Monarch as Head of State. The Cabinet also maintains relationships with the people of the Kingdom as well as with foreign countries under international law.

2013 Members of His Majesty’s Cabinet
• Head of Government ‐ Prime Minister, Lord Tu’ivakano ‐ Minister Foreign Affairs and Trade, Minister for Defence, Acting Minister for Police, Fire Services and Prisons, also Minister for
Information and Communications (which are under the Prime Minister’s Office).
• Deputy Prime Minister ‐ Hon. Samiu Kuita Vaipulu ‐ Minister for Infrastructure
• Minister for Lands, Environment, Climate Change & Natural Resources ‐ Lord Ma’afu
• Minister for Education and Training ‐ Hon. Dr. ‘Ana Maui Taufe’ulungaki
• Minister for Health ‐ Lord Tu’i’afitu
• Minister for Finance and National Planning ‐ Hon. Lisiate ‘Aloveita ‘Akolo
• Minister for Commerce and Tourism ‐ Hon. Dr. Viliami Uasike Latu
• Minister for Internal Affairs ‐ Lord Vaea
• Minister for Justice and Public Enterprises ‐ Hon. Clive Edwards
• Minister for Revenue Services ‐ Hon. Fe’ao Vakata
• Minister for Agriculture, Food, Forests and Fisheries ‐ Hon. Sangster Saulala

Secretariat for the Cabinet is the Chief Secretary and Secretary to Cabinet, currently with Acting capacity under Mr. ‘Aholotu Palu.

Third Year in Office
In its third year in Office, His Majesty’s Cabinet continues to implement projects and objectives to achieve the Government’s visions for promoting a just, equitable and progressive society in which the people of Tonga enjoy good health, peace, harmony and prosperity, in meeting their aspirations in life.” Such projects with nationwide benefit expected for 2013 will include the development of the telecommunications sector with improved Internet connectivity through the Cable Sub‐marine Connectivity project ( June 2013), the exploration of Tonga’s renewable energy prospects, completion of ongoing infrastructural and urban services projects for road improvements (June 2013) including the 18‐month implementation of Tonga’s Freedom of Information policy (June 2013).

Through the Tonga Strategic Development Framework, the Government continues to complement activities that will continue to improve the services related to Tonga’s education, health and achieving the United Nation’s MDGs by 2015. The opening of Government for 2013 reaffirms the commitment to the ongoing work and activities for the country and people of Tonga.

Issued by the: Ministry of Information and Communications, Nuku’alofa, 2013



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