Samoans in News Zealand Aids Cyclone Evan's Victims

Following the violent tropical storm that wreak havoc in the Pacific Islands of Samoa at the end of last year,  Samoans in New Zealand are getting aid to affected families and friends.

“Yesterday we distributed the majority of parcels of direct family to family cyclone relief from 8am to 6pm. There are now about 35 consignments left, mostly for people living in Apia, Magiagi villages. We ‘ve tried calling these families & have left messages. We have advertised on radios 2AP & FM stations. We have also asked relatives in NZ via Radio Samoa in NZ to let their relatives in Samoa know to pick up their consignments from Vaimauga Falefitu school in Faatoia,” writes New Zealand Labour MP for Mangere, Sua William Sio on Face Book.

“Today – if by mid-day if these 35 consignments havent been picked up i will be forced to consider other “redistrubition methods”, he says.

Cyclone Evans pummelled Samoa and Fiji with winds of up to 185km/h, leaving behind a huge trail of debris and damage.

Mr. Sio wants , “to thank the boys & girls from Samoa’s DMO office for their heavy lifting yesterday, Lee Transport, Samoa’s Customs & MAF officials, Police and the volunteers from NZ – Faolotoi, Toalepai, Kasileta, Rodney and our relatives. I also appreciated Cr Anae Arthur Anae’s donation to feed the volunteers. Thank you for thinking of us from NZ lau afioga le Tauaana.

“We also appreciated Pastor Lui & Ane and their children, and other members of Life Church NZ who helped deliver consignments for families without transportation. Safe travels to all of you returning to NZ today.

Fingers crossed all 35 consignments get picked up today.”

“From Australia, I wish to commend the initiative, effort, competence, generosity and unity of spirit, demonstrated in this constructive outcome,” commented  Hoeroa Robert Marumaru on Mr Sio.s post on Face Book.

It is estimated that 1636 houses were damaged and 12606 people affected Samoa Observer reported.

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