Tonga: Comprehensive Sexual and Reproductive Health and Program

Tonga Family Health Association held a Comprehensive Sexual and Reproductive Health and Program Management Training last week in the Basilica Hall.  The training was welcomed by the guest-of-Honour, TFHA President and Chief Medical Officer of the Ministry of Health Dr. Malakai Ake, and ably opened by the vice-president, Sister ‘Ana Kavaefiafi.  The training was attended by all Tonga Family Health Staff and is part of the effort to scale up the skills of its staff and workers to continue to deliver the optimum sexual and reproductive health services in the Kingdom.

Tonga Family Health Association recognises that it must adapt with new scientific, programmatic and cultural knowledge, and undergoing these trainings is an excellent way to accomplish this.  The organisation is continually looking to upgrade its skills and services, and under the new leadership of its Executive Director, Mrs ‘Amelia Tipaleli Hoponoa, is forging on into 2013.  Two experts from Fiji, Mr Timoci Vatuloka and Mr Michael Sami, guided the TFHA staff through the material.  Armed with this new knowledge, TFHA is looking forward to accomplishing much in the next year to lead Tonga towards safe, health choices.

The week closed on Friday 7th of December with a presentation of certificates of participation to staff who attended the training.  The closing address was given by Dr Malakai Ake, who stressed the benefits of the staff’s new knowledge.

TFHA also recently celebrated, in conjunction with the Ministry of Health, World AIDS Day which took place on the 1st of December 2012.  The day gives the world a chance to reflect on those who have lost their lives in the struggle against HIV/AIDS, as well as celebrating the progress that has been made on halting the spread of this terrible epidemic.  The day contained a vibrant float parade through the centre of Nuku’alofa, with the Tonga Leitis Association, the Tonga National Youth Congress and Tonga Family Health Association all bright presences.  At the speechmaking at Civic Square, Tonga’s response to the epidemic was commended, and the need for constant vigilance was stressed.  It was a very successful event, raising awareness and creating solidarity around this disease.

TFHA is looking forward to holding a fundraising dinner on the 21st of December 2012, which will offer donors the chance to support this valuable organisation.  For tickets, please contact TFHA offices at 22770 or [email protected].

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