Tongan communities: Victims affected by immigration scam

Press Updates: 22 January 2013

From : Lawyer Nalesoni Tupou

Again, I would like to update you all on the above matter.

The continuing monthly meeting of people who were victims by actions of Kolini Tatafu, Khadija Lolohea and others in the local Tongan communities was held on Saturday 19 January 2013 at 11:00 am. There were about over 120 people attending and the following issues were discussed:

1. That there was a need for all people affected to carry the letter given to us by Dean Blakemore from Immigration NZ (INZ) to ensure that you are part of this whole operation – Operation Augustine.

2. There were also concerns about people who have been affected by the actions of Khadija Lolohea – the Immigration Advisers Authority has not taken any legal actions against her. I am meeting these victims soon to formulate representations on their behalf for filing with the office of the Minister of Immigration concerning the inaction of IAA.

3. It was also discussed that I am to make contact with Sam Lotuiiga sometime this week to forward him the submissions for direct filing with the office of the Minister of Immigration. In turn, I had a conversation with Sam late last year and he is willing to accept the representations and present them on behalf of Tongans directly to the Minister of Immigration himself in Wellington.

4. I confirmed in the meeting that Ms Tatafu has been charged with three Counts at the Manukau DC and she has pleaded Not Guilty. The matter is then proceeds to trial. I also explained to them that at any time Ms Tatafu may plead guilty, it will affect her status and every one of them will have to write submissions or letters concerning Victim Statements to the Court for sentencing purposes against Ms Tatafu.

5. However, if the matter proceeds to trial, each and every one of them who have filed a complaint will have to appear in Court to give evidence on behalf of Prosecution. Our next meeting will be held on Saturday 2 February 2013 at 11:00 am, 31

Huia Road, Otahuhu. You are welcome to attend and assist.

Malo ‘aupito.

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