Call out for Pacific Youth Reconnection Project Reference Group

The Cultural Collection Team at the Australian Museum has called for young Pacific People to join its support initiative to tackle the issue regarding the over-representation of the young Pacificans in New South Wales Juvenile Justice System.

Statement sent to Kaniva News says that the Collection Team offered an opportunity for young people to join the Pacific Youth Reconnection Project Reference Group.

As custodians of one of the largest and most significant Pacific collections in the world, the Australian Museum is committed to engaging Pacific Communities.

It says that in September 2012, a Youth Worker was employed to coordinate the Pacific Youth Reconnection Project, which is aimed at addressing the over-representation of young people from the Pacific Diaspora in the NSW Juvenile Justice system, through initiatives which connect Pacific young people and their communities to the Cultural Collections.

As part of a broader program of diversionary or remedial measures, exposure to cultural collections is intended to help address the symptoms of cultural dislocation including Juvenile Justice issues.

In 2013 the Pacific Youth Reconnection Project will continue to utilize the Pacific collections as part of a process, to reconnect marginalized Pacific youth with their cultural heritage, and contribute towards a positive self-identity.

In partnership with other Government and non-government organizations, the Pacific Youth Reconnection Project will lead and develop new initiatives aimed at connecting marginalized young people from the Pacific Diaspora in NSW with the Australian Museum’s cultural collections through on–site visits, outreach initiatives, community events and workshops.

To ensure that the initiatives provided are relevant, they invite the Sydney- based Pacific young people to join the Pacific Youth Reconnection Project Reference Group.

You are asked to join if you are passionate about your culture, want to make a difference in the lives of Pacific young people, want to learn about the Australian Museum’s Cultural Collections, can commit to attending meetings and events per year, participate in group discussions and aged 16-24.

Food and Travel expenses will be covered it says.

To register you interest, please contact:

Thelma Thomas

Youth Worker – Pacific Collections

Cultural Collections & Community Engagement

T: (612) 9320 6425

E: [email protected]

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