Make Auckland’s future a feature

Make Auckland’s future a feature – challenge to young filmmakers
Young filmmakers are being challenged to create a three-minute video, on the subject of Auckland’s future, in just 14 days.
The competition kicks off with three questions on Auckland’s future and is open to anyone aged 25 or under.
Councillor Michael Goudie, who oversees the council’s Youth Advisory Panel, says the aim is to find out how young people picture their future in Auckland. This will help develop the Auckland Unitary Plan, the rulebook that will shape the way Auckland grows.
“Kids, teenagers and young adults often have some of the best and most original ideas. The only problem is that most of the time it’s only their mates who get to hear them.
“This competition is a chance for young people to share their ideas. We’ll post the best videos on YouTube and that will help get more young people talking and having their say on Auckland’s future.
“You could be a total film buff with all the equipment, a script and a cast, creating something super-slick with your mates… or you could be one of our younger future filmmakers, getting mum or dad to film you with their smartphone. What’s important is your ideas.
“As well as helping us to create this really important plan, there is also the added bonus of $6,000 worth of prizes up for grabs,” said Councillor Goudie.
The questions will be posted on the council website at and Facebook page from Friday 15 February, to give entrants time to plan before the two-week competition officially begins on Monday 18 February.
A youth judging panel will choose the top three entries, which will be posted on Auckland Council’s YouTube channel on 15 March, to help launch the public engagement period for the Auckland Unitary Plan. The video with the most likes on 31 May – when the feedback period ends – wins a $3,000 Prezzy Card. Second place will receive a $2,000 Prezzy Card and third place a $1,000 Prezzy Card.
“The council, together with the Youth Advisory Panel, work hard to ensure the young people of Auckland have a voice that is included in when making big decisions and plans. We need youth views on Auckland’s future if we want to get it right,” says Councillor Goudie.
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