The Untouchable Deputy PM does it again


Hon Samiu Vaipulu, the Deputy Prime Minister of Tonga is accused of swearing and behaving inappropriately with one of the Government CEOs, Dr Pelenitina Langa’oi in a cocktail party in Vava’u after a cabinet ministers’ retreat held last month.

The expletive remarks were said to be made to the members of the band that performed in the party after they refused to play a Tongan love song requested by Hon Vaipulu and at one stage he allegedly swore at the  Police officers who arrived to close down the party because it was Sunday.

Tonga constitution states that “ Sabbath day to be kept holy” and activities such as party and dancing at public places are not allowed.

One of Hon Vaipulu’s swear words identified by the Tongan local newspaper Kele’a literally refers to the rectum as part of the body but in the Tongan context it is an offensive word to say.

The newspaper said that Vaipulu turned up to the party with Dr Langa’oi  intoxicated and they took to the floor to dance purportedly kissing each other infront of the guests.

Vaipulu denied to the newspaper that he and Dr Langa’oi behaved in such a way although he admitted that they were drunk and that he was dancing with Dr Langa’oi.

The Deputy Prime Minister defended his right to socially mix and mingle with any woman by telling the paper that he is a man that always keeps his good relationship with his staff and that if there was any kissing that is normal for people to meet with women and kiss and shake hands he said.

The newspaper also stated that Hon Vaipulu broke down during their interview admitting that the post of deputy prime minister for him is really a tough position and that he felt that what he has been accused of tainted the reputation of his family.

In her statement to the paper Dr Langa’oi witnessed that Hon Vaipulu cursed at the band and harassed her during their dance but she only continued on to dance with him even though she knew it was Sunday because Vaipulu was insistent.

Langa’oi  said that she felt at the time that he was abusing her but that was normally the way how Hon Vaipulu treated them CEOs referring to how easy it was for him to swear at anybody else in the party.

This is not the first time for the Deputy Prime Minister to be accused of swearing in public places and yet still no charge laid against him by Police.

In 2011 a petition submitted to Parliament by the people of Vava’u accusing Hon Vaipulu for cussing and making rude comments while he was drunk at a Kava Club in Neiafu Village.

The Parliament refused to discuss the petition saying that it did not meet the guidelines.

In 2012 Hon Vaipulu swore at Tongatapu number 1 Representative to  Parliament, ‘Akilisi Pohiva outside at a court house in Fasi.

Police dropped the charge later on saying that there was not enough evidence to prove that he did it although there were witnesses outside the court house while Hon. Vaipulu was swearing.

Critics around social media networks heavily criticized the Deputy Prime Minister for his action and called for the Prime Minister Lord Tu’ivakano to dismiss him while others rubbished  it saying that the Prime Minister is a puppet of Hon Vaipulu and he would not do anything to harm his deputy.

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