Chinese baby removed from toilet pipe

A baby was removed by fire fighters from a sewer pipe after nextdoor neighbours heard him crying.

A 22-year old mother admitted the baby was hers and a search found in her rented room toys and blood-stained toilet paper, the Chinese state news agency reported.

The two-day-old, 5lb boy has been temporarily named Baby 59 – the number of the incubator in which he lies with a fractured skull and severe bruising, Daily Mail reported.

Baby 59’s condition was said to be stable and he should recover. But the incident has succeeded in outraging a country in which brutal acts against youngsters are a common occurrence.

According to reports, Police initially treated the case as an attempted homicide.

A police officer reportedly said the woman tried to hide his pregnancy and claimed the baby failed “into the lavatory after she unexpectedly gave birth".



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