Dysfunctional System of Government Confused Leaders

The dysfunctional system of government generates the cycle of conflicts. In fact, leaders of the world are confused and desperately trying to befitting system with the current demands of these modern days.

It is evident from the past history and have witnessed by us at present time to the continuously impact of avoidable dysfunction system of government. The failure system somehow happens to contribute earnestly to conflicts that affecting ordinary people daily. Conflicts generate many problems in family, government, health, education, politics, religions and more. It is mounted regardless of various attempts to break the cycle.

The fast decaying of governing systems is also unavoidable. Conflicts and bloodshed over-ruled any systems of government. The newly formed system, democrat, has done no better to the seemingly unavoidable force of conflicts. Because of the unstable of the present known systems the equilibrium of our society is shaken tremendously and badly affects multitudes of very decent citizens, especially the working class.

Since then, from the new offshoots of autocracy, problems have mounted to a stage nowadays that the leaders are struggled to find a way or system that suited appropriately with the past and current affairs of the people of the world including New Zealand.

We see and witness daily, through individual experiences, televisions, and other media outlets to diverse forms of avoidable conflicts. The economic conflicts, political conflicts, marketing and trading conflicts, religious conflicts, family conflicts and many more conflicts that have made leaders and those with powers and authority confused.    

Unbreakable Cycle of Warfare and conflicts

It is said that – in the post-World War II era, warfare has broken out in virtually every corners of the globe. The majority of those conflicts have been internal — nations fighting with themselves over age-old ethnic and religious hostilities. Moreover, the fighting has been about territorial autonomy, political ideologies, the nation’s wealth, and more. And even the past 20 years, the bloody wars in the Middle East like the Persian Gulf War which killed more than two thousands and five hundreds (2,500) Iragi civilians and probably more than twenty thousand (20,000) soldiers were killed. In fact, casualties were included grandparents, parents, children and other family members but there were no weapons of mass-destruction found in Iragi.

The tribal warfare in Africa, the Cold War that fuelled conflict in Europe and Asia, the fight against terrorists, and the current civil war in Egypt, Syria, the civil war in Siberia and many more, which seemingly indicate the unbreakable cycle of warfare and conflicts.  At a time when historians are devoting more and more research to conflicts within nations, a book called “Civil Wars of the World: Major Conflicts since World War II” is an invaluable addition to the available resources. In two volumes, it ranges around the globe to cover the most volatile and deadly civil wars of the past 60 years.  

Ruling by suppressing and oppressing

Truly we seem to learn only by the outburst of a new conflicts. It appears that we only prefer to control by suppressing and oppressing. The way we choose to friending others is to invade first and then compromise. The bigger and stronger nations invaded smaller nations including pacific islands, for instance. Those who have power and authority over people are often attempting to use dictatorship kind of governing as the way of ruling.

The Consequences

Consequently, peoples are turning away various ways and put their trust under different institutions like Education, Religion, Science, Government and other affiliated organizations of like manner. It is shown very understandably the struggle and incapable of the government to work together with these institutions. Government does not like to ask appropriate institution for help or advice especially for moral issues, parenting issues and others. Religious leaders and other affiliated institutions like various branches of education are ignored in times of decision making.    

Governments have made decisions that overshadowed the power and authority of religious institutions like churches and educational outlets and others. The recent decision made by the government over same sex marriage, for instance, has done by the government without any serious attempts to use directives of religious leaders. That and other decisions indicate the dysfunctional of the current system.

The parents have been forced controlled without providing any sufficient parenting tips to effectively cope with world views and its relation with that typical holistic way of livings. So, the parents are confused as well as children especially young people. The youth suicide is sky-rocketing. The average number of suicides each year since the Ministry of Justice began to campaign against suicides is 543. In June last year, there were 543 suicides case were confirmed and reported and the most high risk age level is 15 to 19-year old.

Some parents have lost their children to foster-care parents mainly because of unprepared and misunderstanding of the way to parenting their children in compliance with the naive politicalize way of parenting.

Perhaps, the people are obviously suffocating and struggling to survive economically, socially, emotionally, mentally, and morally. The costs of essential needs are so unrealistic. It is so expensive. The food prices, housing, health clinics, medications, traveling, petrol, and other essential needs for decent living are too high and unaffordable. The minimum wage tax-payers are definitely struggling to budget after renting, credit agencies, power and phone payments are made. So, foods and school stuffs depend mostly on the remainder from the first part of demanding payments. Obviously the heat has felt by some in the middle class. The Hamilton City Council, Wellington City Council and the Warehouse staffs have agreed for a salary increase from thirteen dollars ($13.00) hourly rate to eighteen dollars ($18.00). Government should act bravely to meet with this great call.           

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