Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga’s property in Sydney known as Pulela’ā gets new owner

A spokesperson for the Sant Nirankari Mission in Sydney confirmed today Tuesday 2 that they have successfully won the bid to purchase the property at 166 Glendenning Road, Glendenning, New South Wales belonged to the Tongan church of Pulela’a.

The person known only as Mr Ajay told Kaniva News they have bought the multi-million dollar church and renovation started on June 25 after signing up contract documents with the bank.

Mr Ajay could not reveal the amount of the bid when he was asked by Kaniva News saying it was confidential.

Today they have taken down the Free Wesleyan Church’s sign that erected by the road in front of the church and replaced it with their Mission’s sign, he said.

“We are just Mission and we believe that everyone is equal in God and that we have to treat everyone equally,” Mr Ajay said.

“It firmly believes that the realization of God is the real objective of human life and this can be achieved only through the benevolence of the living true master: the Satguru”.

The new deal apparently has brought an end to a confusion among members of the Free Wesleyan Church around the globe over whether the church leaders in the Tongan Sydney-based church communities were reliably giving church members correct financial reports regarding the church’s loans and debts over Pulela’a or not.

The expenses for the building of the church had been made through secured loans but regular missed payments occurred as well as more millions borrowed saw the debts snowballed to a state the church struggled to pay them back.

The loan repayments heavily dependent on only thousands of dollars donated annually by church members.

Reverend Sione Pinomi of the church reportedly told the members in 2011 that a Trust Fund registered in the Cayman Islands has donated $10 million to help with church’s loans. Later on he told the church its debts had been paid off by the Trust.

It was followed by a celebration arranged by church members to rejoice over the paying off their debts. The chairperson of the Trust, Mr Davendor Deo also known by the name David Maharaj and who was first  introduced to the church by Reverend Pinomi was invited and attended the festivity. He confirmed the church members that their loans with Westpac Bank have all been cleared off by his Trust.

Davendor Deo according to document produced by the receivership company was said to have obtained more than $50,000 dollars from the church in what was called as “facilitation fees”. The fees were paid to Mr Deo so he could be able to obtain larger amount of funds for the church, it said.

However in January 2012, the church went into voluntary administration and later on into receivership. A reliable source told Kaniva News that with the church now losing its bid to still retain the church property it also has lost all its 5 other properties around the country that were being held as security for the loan.

Kaniva News contacted Reverend Pinomi but no one answered the phone. We later on received a call from a lady by the name  Vila. She said Reverend Pinomi was at a meeting.  We left a message with her for Rev Pinomi to call us but we have not yet received any call from him.

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