School Rugby Final cancelled after mass fight, 147 arrested in brawl

UPDATED: Tongatapu Secondary School Rugby Tournament final that was due to be held today Friday 19 was postponed after  multiple fights that  culminated in an attack involving more than 100 students, with 147 arrested.

President of the Tonga Secondary School Principals Association Fr ‘Aisake Vaisima told Kaniva News the  principal members of the Tongatapu Association met today and decided to cancel the tournament’s final after two Tonga College students were hospitalised following an attack by some  Tupou College students at a residence in Tofoa.

Police have confirmed arrests were made and students were in police custody.

A reliable source unanimously spoke with Kaniva News and he said some students from Tonga College used to camp out at a resident in Koloua-'o-Kolomotu'a a village next to the village of Tofoa.

The residence belongs to a woman who is teaching at Tonga High School and she has children that are studying at Tonga College.

He said last month a fight broke out between these students with some of the students of Tupou College who live close by in which a father of some of the Tupou College students was allegedly injured.

Last night’s brawl was believed to have been a revenge by the Tupou College students following the June’s fight, he said.  

Fr Vaisima said he met the Honourable Minister of Education today, Dr ‘Ana Taufe’ulungaki and she has given him the support  from the cabinet for the decision to cancel today’s tournament final for all school rugby grades.

Student members of the Tongatapu School Prefects Association were supposed to hold a meeting this weekend as part of an initiative to develop good leadership among school students but Fr Vaisima said he advised them to postpone it due to the tension between the two colleges.

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