Hospital patients discharged as Ha'apai communities suffer water woes


Technical failure appeared to put three villages in the main island of Lifuka, known as Navea,(Pangai) Fanganonu (Haʻatoʻu) and Tongoleleka (Hihifo) in critical condition. 

The main water supplier for these three villages has been damaged and no running tap water in any households, schools and Niuʻui hospital. There is no drip of water at all in these three villages.  

Moimoi Fakahua, a Radio 531 PI correstpodent from Ha'apai said, the Doctor in Charge has decided to discharge all the hospital’s patients.  All primary schools and High Schools had been closed down due to this technical failure.

MP Mo'ale Finau for Ha'apai 12 told Kaniva News in an email from Australia he received an unconfirmed information that the main water supplier has now  been fixed since it happened a month ago. 

The two months rainless however make this problem more badly and an urgent action is required. Households’ water reservoirs are all used up. The people have started to set out to other neighboring villages looking for water.

This period of the year is the examination time for High School students, for form 5. 6 and 7. The incident could possibly affect mentally and physically some of the students. The condition creates an unfairness environment for these students. This harsh condition required mental toughness and very strict mindset to be able to fully concentrate in the exam.

All of the hospital patients are now become outpatients. Their right to receive proper care and treatment may hinder. The problem could raise public awareness for the emergency preparation of the Ministry of Health. How ready they are to face this type of emergency?

Who is responsible to act immediately in this matter? Supposedly the “government” should take an immediate action to avoid mounting of the problems to this stage. The public are suffered from a foreseen problem. The poor management and plan put the public in danger.

There are paid parliament public outreach in every year and water resources should be one of the major subjects of the public discussion in the Haʻapai electorate. However, to presentise the problem, only one and clear option standout is the government to make immediate action now.

The public need an urgent help. The people of Pangai, Haʻatoʻu and Hihifo need help now.     

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