Siueni Filimone – another rising star

Kaniva news interviewed Tonga’s 100m and 200m sprint star, Siueni Filimone.

He was born on the 19/08/1994 and raised up in the village of Koulo, Haʻapai by his parents, ʻAkimeta Filimone of Koulo and Lotofoa and Melelatai Uasi Filimone of ʻOʻua.

Siueni said at school he favoured music more than athletics but he changed his mind since he moved to the main island, Tongatapu. He was then 17-year-old.

At secondary school he was chosen by Tupou College intermediate team to compete at the 100m and 200m sprints. This year, 2013, he broke Tongan national records in 100m and 200m sprints.

 Representing Tonga

Siueni and other three athletes were invited to the New Zealand National Youth Games competition held in Hamilton last week. Siueni competed at the 100m and 200m, ʻAna Katiloko competed on long and stepping jump, ʻAtamaama Tuʻutafaiva on Short-put and Liʻekina Kaufusi on 100m and hurdles.

Siueni said he pulled out of 200m so that he could only concentrate on 100m sprint.

He was qualified for the 100m finalists and became first – a gold medal for Tonga.

Siueni said he was not really happy with the result because he trained so hard with his personal coach, Tevita Faʻonuku and targeted to finish at 10.04sec. Unfortunately his coach was not able to come with him due to financial difficulty. He believed he could do better if his coach was with him.

South Pacific Mini-games

In August this year, he represented Tonga at Pacific Mini-games held on the island of ʻUvea. That was an open event and he came fourth.

In 2012, Siueni represented Tonga in the Junior World Championship held in Spain. That was his first international appearance in the sport arena.

This year, 2013, he also represented Tonga in the World Senior Championship held in Russia where he met the fastest man in the world Usain Bolt.  

Siueni wanted to represent Tonga in the South Pacific Games 2015, Commonwealth Games and Olympic Games in 2016.

He has asked the public and the people of Tonga for sponsorship. He said he competed at the international competitions without his coach because of lack of funding.

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