Cook Islands Police Woman visits Tonga Police

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CONSTABLE Joan Greaves from the Cook Island Police Service visit Tonga Police as part of an exchange program run by the Pacific Islands Chief of Police (PICP) Women Advisory Network.

Part of her program includes visiting all Tonga Police Station to observe Tonga Police Women Officer in action and to understand the level of communication between female and male Officer’s.

“There is a level of respect by the Male Officers to the Female Police Officers here and I can see how well they work together,” says Greaves.

She also commended the number of opportunities that Female Police Officer has access to and the number of female Officer who holds Senior Post in the Tonga Police.

Greaves also had the opportunity to visit one of the Police Community Post at Ha’alalo and was amazed by the level of commitment shown by the people of this village in working together with Tonga Police to maintain peace and safety within the Community.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time at this Police Community Post and it shows positive outcome of Community Policing which is something that I will take back home with me.”

She was hosted by the Tonga Police Women’s Advisory Network (TPWAN) one of the founding members of the PICP WAN.

TP WAN’s purpose is to foster the contribution of women in Tonga Police and provide timely and effective advice to the Commissioner of Police and Executive in relation to issues impacting on women in Tonga Police.

Tonga Police WAN Chairperson (Ms TUPOUNIUA) praised the opportunity to host other Police members in Tonga. “Tonga has a unique and prestigious culture” that it is important for outsiders to know and appreciate.

GREAVE’s visit to Tonga is the third time a Police Woman from the Pacific attached and seconded to us. Tonga Police Women has also had opportunities to be seconded to other Pacific Islands countries Police Services.

The exchange programmed has been confirmed to have added value to member’s knowledge, abilities and attitudes towards Police work. Tonga Police Women Advisory Network stands to support and encourage PICP WAN theme for this year: “Leading change by creating effective leaders.”

Chairperson of Tonga Police WAN Ms Lau’aitu Tupouniua, Constable Joan Greaves from the Cook Islands Police Service and members of Police WAN. Photo: courtesy of Tonga Police

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