Dead Man dumped at primary school compound, accused turned himself in

A suspected 19-year-old thief died in hosital after he was assaulted at various points before he was dumped at a primary school compound in Nuku’alofa on Sunday 11.

A 32-year-old man accused in relation to the man’s death discovered the victim in his car at about 2am Sunday and assaulted him.

He then drove the deceased to other places and continued beating him there.

He finally dumped him at the Hala-O-Vave primary school ground before disappearing.

Police were called to the scene at 3:00am on Sunday and took the victim to Vaiola Hospital.

He was in critical condition and died shortly in hospital.

According to police, the accused from Hala-‘O-Vave turned himself  in the same day and admitted he assaulted the deceased after he found him in his car in front of the ‘Uliti Uata Building.

The accused, who remains in police custody  told police he suspected the victim tried to rob his car so he assaulted him.

Police have charged him in relation to the man’s death.  

The victim was staying in Pili with his parents after arriving from Haafeva  to attend the Church of Tonga's  Annual Conference this week.

News in Engish

Na’e mate ha tangata ta’u 19 ne mahalo’i ko ha kaiha’a ‘i fale mahaki ‘i hano ngaohi kovia ‘i ha ngaahi feitu’u kehekehe ki mu’a pea toki li’aki ‘i ha ‘apiako lautohi ‘i Nuku’alofa ‘i he Sapate 11.

Na’e ma’u atu ‘e ha tangata ta’u 32 kuo tukuaki’i ki he pekia ko ‘eni ‘a e tokotaha ni ki he’ene kaa ‘i he taimi 2 hengihengi ‘o e Sapate ‘a e pekia pea ne ‘ohofi ai.

Na’a ne toe leleaki’i mei ai ‘a e pekia ki ha ngaahi feitu’u kehekehe pe ‘o toe hoko atu ai hono taa. Na’a ne toki li’aki leva ia ‘i he kelekele ‘o e ‘apiako lautohi a Hala-‘o-Vave ki mu’a pea ne puli.

Na’e a’u atu ‘a e kau polisi ki he feitu’u ko ‘eni na’e ‘ilo ai e sino ‘o e pekia pea nau ‘ave ia ai ki Vaiola. Na’e ‘i he tu’unga fakatu’utamaki e mo’ui ‘a e pekia pea ne mate ai pe ‘i fale mahaki ‘i ha ngaahi taimi si’i hili hono a’utaki atu.

Fakatatau ki he kau polisi kuo a’u hake kiate kinautolu ‘a e tokotaha ko ‘eni ‘oku tukuaki’i ki he mate ‘a e pekia ‘o ne fakaha ko ia na’a ne fakahoko ‘a hono taa’i ‘o e pekia. Na’a ne pehe na’a ne ma’u atu ‘a e pekia ki he’ene kaa pea ne mahamahalo ko ‘ene feinga kaiha’a ‘oku fai pea ne tuki ai pe.

Kuo faka’ilo ‘e he kau polisi ‘a e tangata ni, ‘a ia ‘oku ne nofo Hala’ovave pe, ki he pekia ‘a e tangata ta’u 19 ko ‘eni a ia ‘oku pehe ne toki tu’uta hake ki Tonga mo ‘ene ongo matu’a mei Ha’afeva ‘o nofo ‘i Pili ki he konifelenisi ‘a e siasi Tonga ‘oku lolotonga lele ‘i he uike ni.

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