Students find SEE papers easy

Students at Tofoa and Haveluloto Government Primary School said this week’s Secondary Entrance Examination (SEE) papers were easy.

In the two-day school examination, which started on Tuesday, class six students sit four exam papers.

On Tuesday students sat English and Tongan language papers and today they sat Maths and Environmental Science.

“I have asked my students how they feel about the papers and they said they were quite easy and they were topics they were familiar with in class,” Saane Tongotea, a class six teacher at Havelu and Tofoa Government Primary School, said.

Havelu and Tofoa is a combined school that holds the record for having the most students scoring the best marks and gaining the most entries to Tonga High School in the past three years.

GPS Havelu & Tofoa. Class six students on day one of the examination
GPS Havelu & Tofoa. Class six students on day one of the examination

There are 122 primary schools in Tonga.

This year 2909 students sat the SEE.

At primary school level students have to officially enter school at the age of five and that they must study until they are in class six where they will sit the SEE.

Students who get the best marks are given the first opportunity to enter Tongan High School depending on how many students the state-funded school require for its first year.

Tonga’s Ministry of Education rules require students to nominate their schools of choices before they sit the SEE.

Under the rules preference is given to students who select Tonga

GPS Havelu & Tofoa class 6 students ready to sit their English paper
GPS Havelu & Tofoa class six students ready to sit their English paper

High School as their first preference and their names would be made public on the radio when the result is first released together with the rest of students who gain entries to other schools.

If Tonga High School requires 100 students to fill its first year level in 2015 it means the top 100 in the whole of Tonga’s SEE 2014 will have the opportunity to enrol if they choose Tonga High School as their first choice.

Usually many students who went to other schools got best marks in SEE and had the opportunity to go to Tonga High School but preferred their school choice options to the ones belonged to their churches or where their parents went to.

In 2012, 28 students from Tofoa and Havelu enrolled in Tonga High School.

In 2013 they continued to gain the highest number of entries to Tonga High School with 23 students.

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