Napoleone Falakiko Afu obituary

Napoleone Falakiko Afu of Maʻufanga, who has died aged 81, was a man of music, teaching, culture and church.

He began teaching at Apifoʻou College in 1955. In 1962 he became the college’s head tutor and discipline master.

In 1981 he retired from his job as a teacher at Apifoou College for 25 years.

He was then worked at the Catholic church’s music department at the church’s headquarter in Toutaimana at the request of Late Bishop Patelesio Fīnau.  He helped Late Sir Sofele Kakala, the then Church’s Director of Music, with church’s Mass and religious songs.

The Catholic Church reprinted its Taumuʻa Lelei newspaper in 1982 and Afu was recruited as a language consultant.

He was a church choir conductor for many years.

In 2001 he was appointed by Late Noble Fakafanua, the Ma’ufanga estate holder, as one of his heralds and gave him the name Fale Fakauō-ʻO-Haʻa Takalaua.

Education and Employment

Afu studied at Apifoʻou primary school in 1939 before he became  a student at ʻApifoʻou College in 1945. He passed his Lower Leaving School Certificate in 1950, the highest a student can obtain at high school at the time.

He was a member of the school brass band and the 12 member choir known as the Choir of the Gregorian Chant.

He completed level 11 and 12  in 1952 and while he was at school he was also the driver of the school’s new truck known as Seva.

In 1953 Afu was also a driver at the British Embassy after he had an advice from the Late Bishop John Hubert Macey Rodgers known as ʻEpikopō Soane Hupeto regarding the job.

He later told Bishop Rogers he wanted to study at the Tonga Teachers’ College. He resigned his job as a driver and entered Tonga Teachers’ Training College in June 1954 on a six months courses and Afu completed it in December 1954.

The parish

Afu was the choir conductor for the Ma’ufanga parish for six years. He also became choir conductor for Folaha and Fatai church choirs.

From 1962 – 63 he was the Maʻufanga parish’s catechist.

Afu was instrumental in developing the Ma’ufanga church’s choir especially when the church members were grouped into misitelio – the grouping of church members according to the areas where they live within the parish.

Afu was the head of his misitelio in 1980 and he assisted the church’s head pulengaue (foreman) in leading the construction of the new chapel for the Maʻufanga parish known as the Immaculate Conception of Mary Cathedral which was officially opened in 1982.

He became deputy chairperson of the parish’s council and was chair of the church’s Liturgy Committee.


Afu’s father was Falakiko Veʻehala Afu of Maʻufanga and Folaha and his mother was Lesieli ʻUlumuʻa of Angaha, Niuafoʻou.

His siblings were Falelala Taumoe’anga(deceased), Tauhola Loto’aniu(deceased), ‘Epifania Kaihau and Pelenato Afu(deceased).

On October 10, 1962  Afu married Siosi’ana Hu’avi of Pangai Ha’apai. They have nine children, seven boys and two girls.

They were Mateni, Ma’ake, Fr Falakiko, Talanoa, Peni (deceased), Pita, Meliano and Tauhola Lolesio.

Napoleone Falakiko Afu, born August 29, 1933, died November 12, 2014. 

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