Use of king's images during coronation restricted

Tonga’s Prime Minister Office said anyone who would like to use royal arms, portrait and images of the king and the royal family during the coronation’s celebration must seek permission from the office of the royal palace.

In a statement released today, the government gives definitive guidelines on the use of the photographs, portraits and busts of The King and Members of the Royal Family.

It summarises the legal position governing the use, for commercial purposes, distribution and public use of the photographs and portraits of The King and Members of the Royal Family.

“The requests for the use of images, photos or portraits of the Royal Family on bulletin boards, buildings or archways, must first seek the prior written permission of the Office of the Lord Chamberlain, Palace Office” the statement says.

It says “the use of His Majesty’s Royal Ensign (Flag) and Cypher (logo) is restricted for the use of His Majesty only. The Royal Ensign (flag) signifies the presence of His Majesty and for all Royal Residences and the Royal Palace only. Therefore, all commercial sale, distribution and public use of flags during the Coronation, bearing the Royal Ensign/and cypher of His Majesty, is not authorized”.

“…the public is invited to wear respectful dress code and ta’ovala at all events venue, especially in the Nuku’alofa area”.

“The Government has received many enquiries about setting up of archways in the communities and villages – however, to ensure public safety from electrical and utility problems in the surrounding homes, the construction of archways are restricted to the Capital and the Nuku’aofa area only, where the venues of the Coronation events are located”.

The crowning of their Majesties King Tupou VI and Queen Nanasipau’u Tuku’aho’s will be on July 4 during an 11-day  coronation celebration that will start tomorrow June 27 – July 7.

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