King Tupou VI and Queen Nanasipauʻu formally crowned

Photo: HM King Tupou VI and Queen Nanasipauʻu were crowned by Rev D’arcy Wood at the Centenary Church of the Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga. Photo/RNZI (Indira Moala)

King Tupou VI was crowned at a coronation ceremony at the Centenary Church in Kolomotuʻa today.

In front of more than 1,000 guests – including the Prime Minister, cabinet, royals, nobles,  as well as ambassadors and other royalty from around the world – he took the Oath binding him to serve his people and maintain the laws of Tonga.

Queen Nanasipauʻu was also crowned making her the third Queen of Tonga to be formally invested after Queen Salote Tupou III and Queen Halaevalu Mataʻaho.

The Reverend Darcy Wood after handing the King the symbols of his authority –  such as the sceptre and royal ring – placed the crowns on their Majesties’ heads to complete the ceremony.

Applause erupted and a 21-gun salute was heard as the crowds continued to cheer.

Wood, who was assisted by the Reverend President ‘Ahio and Reverend Dr Tevita Havea of Free Wesleyan Church, then paid homage to Their Majesties before the guests were asked to rise while the King and Queen left the chapel.

As head of Haʻa Ngata, King Tupou VI becomes the 24th of Monarch of the Tuʻi Kanokupolu line.

His Majesty was required to take the following oath:

“I solemnly swear before Almighty God to keep in its integrity the Constitution of Tonga and to govern in conformity with the laws thereof.”

The ceremony was listened to and watched online by hundreds of thousands of people all over the globe.

The Tourism Authority said  the 15,000 overseas visitors present during the celebration  were three times the number at the last coronation in 2008.

The Maori King and Governor General of New Zealand were among the international delegates.

Special guests also included the Prince and Princess of Japan as well as the Governor General of Australia.

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