US vice consul to meet visa applicants in Tonga next month

The U.S Embassy in Fiji has announced that Vice Consul, Jeremias Dirk will travel to Tongatapu from Tuesday August 4 to Thursday August 6, 2015 to attend to consular affairs for Tongan NIV (Non Immigrant Visa) and U.S. citizens.

It says the mission will bring applications for U.S. citizenship documents; including reports of births and passports, and to notarize documents that will be used in the U.S.

According to a public notice published on its website, Tongan NIV applicants must meet all criteria listed below to qualify for an appointment. NIV appointments will be scheduled for the morning of Tuesday, August 4.

It also says applicants can qualify to apply in Tonga only if they meet the following requirements:

–      You must not have immediate international travel plans.  Given the distances and processing time, passports may not be readily available for international travel.

–      You must be seeking a visa in one of the following categories:

o   Student (F – Must have I-20A or I-20B and paid SEVIS fee)
o   Exchange visitor (J – Must have DS-2019 and paid SEVIS fee)
o   Seaman or Airline Crewmember (C-1/D – Must have agency letter)
o   Religious worker (R – Must have approved petition)
o   A Temporary Visitor for Business or Pleasure (B1 and/or B2)who has had a valid U.S. visa of the same category within the last five years, can present proof of the visa, and has not overstayed in the U.S. or had the visa revoked

–      You must not have been refused a U.S. visa before or been removed from the U.S. or denied entry into the United States at a Port of Entry.  If you have previously been refused a visa, you may re-apply and schedule an appointment online via the embassy website to attend your interview in Suva.

If you meet the aforementioned criteria and want to be considered for an interview in Nuku’alofa, please click here to send an email to the Embassy with your full name and date of birth, and the expiration date and visa class of your last U.S. visa.  Appointments will be confirmed after visits are scheduled and the application material is received and reviewed.

Applicants having immediate travel plans or not meeting the aforementioned criteria must travel to the Embassy in Suva, Fiji to submit their application.

They will not accept petitions for immigrant visas.  All immigrant visa inquiries should be directed to the U.S. Embassy in Suva at[email protected].

In order to obtain an appointment, please telephone 679-331-4466 ext. 8141 or 8167 from Monday through Thursday 2-4 pm.   You may also email [email protected] to request an appointment.

For information about required documents for passports and reports of birth:  Check our Suva/Tonga websites.   In addition to the original documents, you will need to bring photocopies of ALL original documents, IDs, and passports.

When you are given an appointment, a consular employee will review the documents you need to present, and will also advise you the fees you need to pay.  You must come with a certified bank check in the exact amount made payable to the U.S. Embassy, Suva.   For security reasons, cash is not accepted.

Failure to provide required documents or payment at the time of the appointment will result in cancellation of your appointment with the consular officer.

Because of the limited availability, the Vice Consul will meet only with those who have made appointments in advance.  Walk-in appointments are not accepted.

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