Competition opens opportunity for Japanese language

Students who would register and participate in a speech contest on Friday, April 22 at St. Andrew’s High School will get a chance to study Japanese language.

The contest is part of an assessment organised to select candidates for a Japanese language training program which will be held in Osaka prefecture, Japan.

The competitors will be assessed through interviews, written examinations, review documents and make speeches in Japanese.

These assessment trainings are optional and competitors may choose to only participate in the speech category.

  1. Program Period and Location From 7th September (Wed.), 2016, to 21st September (Wed.), 2016, Osaka prefecture,
  2. Basic Eligibility for the program (More Conditions may apply. Please inquire Japanese Embassy or the website
    H.E. Yukio Numata with Arden O Halekulani Fatai winner of the open category of the Japanese Speech Contest 2015. Photo/Supplied

    for more info.)

Candidates must meet the conditions as follows:

(1) Are studying or have finished studying the Japanese-language at overseas educational organizations such as universities.

(2) Are currently not Japanese-language teachers.

(3) Do not have a job offer to be employed as a Japanese-language teacher at the time of application.

(4) Are between the ages of 18 and 54 at the starting day of the program. If the nominee is under 20 years of age, the consent of a parent or guardian is required.

(5) Have not received compulsory education in Japan more than three years.

Submission of Documents

Deadline: 20th April, 2016

Place of submission: Embassy of Japan

(1) Documents to be submitted: Application form, self-introduction form, script of your speech.*The forms are available at Embassy of Japan and the website.:

(2) Written examination and Interview

Date and Time: 8:15am, 22nd April, (Fri) 2016

Place: Conference room of Embassy of Japan, 3rd floor, National Reserve Bank of Tonga Building

(3) Speech

Applicants are to prepare a speech in Japanese and present it in front of the audience within the designated time limit.

– Date and Time: 12:30pm~, 22nd April, (Fri) 2016

Place: St. Andrew’s High School

– Theme: Free (Choose your own theme)

-Time limit: 5 minutes

For more info:

Call the Embassy of Japan on Telephone: 22-221 or visit their Website at

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