Tongan QS in New Zealand offers to help the Pacific Games construction

A Tongan quantity surveyor (QS)  in New Zealand has offered to help the government with the preparation to host  the South Pacific Games 2019.

Siosiua ʻUmulovo Toki said he saw this as an opportunity to offer his skills as an independent QS in New Zealand and helps Tonga while it is struggling to find about TP$100 million to build the Games.

He was in Tonga recently after the Prime Minister ʻAkilisi Pohiva agreed with his offer.

Toki said the government paid for his accommodation, food and transport while he was in Tonga for about a month.

However, he returned to New Zealand while the government was working to process his appointment and contract agreement.

He said they made contact after his return and the government required further documents including his CV.

The government has announced in Parliament early this week Tonga will still hold the Games.

The announcement came after the government of ʻAkilisi Pohiva told the Pacific Games Council last month  it would welcome losing the Games if the council continued it intervention after the government sacked  the head of the Games Orgnising Committee, Lord Sevele ʻO Vailahi.

While waiting for his appointment Toki sent a report to the Tongan government raising his concern about the situation of the Games preparation.

In his report Toki was concerned about the timing of the construction.

“As we all aware that the most issue now is the time and I think there is no room for error and talking too much, we need to act as fast as we can to move on and with my experience in construction industry in NZ for years we have to get all these tools that I referred to above to help the implementation of the project together with the team effort”, Toki said in his report.

Toki, a qualified quantity surveyor from Unitec, has about 30 years of experience in the construction industry in New Zealand.

“About the conversation in Auckland with PM that I come to Tonga and assist with the project because of my skills and experience in the construction industry in New Zealand and I’m proud to share that with the Tongan team to deliver the project for Tonga.

“It is vital to have such an experienced QS like me from overseas to help set out a starting point for this project because we run out of time.

“I got no doubt that I’m the right person to help with this project and with my experience as a quantity surveyor and project manager in NZ I can deliver this project to its budget, time and quality.

Toki said the work he did as a quantity surveyor would help reduce any possible mismanagement and overspending of the public funding allocated for the construction.

He said it looked like there was no qualified quantity surveyor in Tonga and the job was conducted by the Tongan architects and civil engineers.

“I understand that I will save millions for Tonga in this project that is why I want to help. I’m not new to this kind of work for the Tongan community in NZ and here in Tonga.

“ I have been self employed for almost 30 years in NZ and I want to share that experience with the local people”, he said.

Sometimes when a business is growing, it needs a little help.

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