Wrestling will feature local, Japanese, contestants

A charity pro wrestling event will be held in Auckland on November 12.

On the Mat will feature Ashley Tonga vs Princess of Flowers, WWE Legend King Haku and God of Destiny (Haku Dynasty)

The event is being organised by Simitaitoko Fale (Bad Luck Fale) in conjunction with Grace Foundation (NZ) and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Sakura Events vice president Melvin Leavasa said the event would feature wrestlers from New Zealand and Japan and Auckland media personalities.

Contestants will include Boxing’s bad boy “Brown Butter Bean™”,  Mai FM radio host “Nasty Nate™” Nauer, social media heavyweight “Princess of Flowers™”, X Factor NZ contestant “Ashley Tonga™”,  Niu FM radio host “MC Mantis™” and “MC Petrina™”, presenters DJ Niko™ (Niu FM), Ravinder Singh (Sisters Singh™) and Sheena Singh (Sisters Singh™).

A New Zealand Pro Wrestler is to be confirmed to take on American wrestler RJ Brewer™ (USA).

Wrestlers from the New Japan Professional Wrestling stable include seven time IWGP Champion “Hiroshi Tanahashi™”, three time IWGP Champion “The Rainmaker Kazuchika Okada™”, WWF Hall of Famer “King Haku™”, IWGP Tag Team Champion “Yugiro Takahashi™”,  IWGP Tag Team Champion “Tama Tonga™”,  IWGP Tag Team Champion “Tanga Roa™” and New Zealander IWGP Intercontinental Champion “The Underboss™”.

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  • Japanese and New Zealand wrestlers and celebrity guests will feature in a charity wrestling match on November.
  • ‘On the Mat’ is being organised by Sakura Events and will feature members of the New Japan Professional Wrestling stable.

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