9-year-old boy drowns in Tuʻanekivale causeway

WARNING: This article contains graphic photos. You have been warned. 

A nine-year old boy who died in Tu’anekivale, Vavaʻu last night drowned while he was swimming with a group of people, police have confirmed.

Health authority in Neiafu told Police the boy was arrived in Ngu Hospital last night Wednesday 14 at about 8pm.

“Doctor confirmed that the child died from drowning”, Deputy Police Commissioner  Pelenatita Vaisuai said.

“The 9 year old boy was with a group of people who were swimming at the causeway from Tu’anekivale to Holeva”, Vaisuai said.

Deputy Commissioner Pelenatita Feʻao Vaisuai

Tonga Police would like to offer their sympathies to the family at this sad time, she said.

The Deputy Commissioner also said in the Police statement:

“Be safe on the water” 

Our beaches become more inviting as the holiday period and summer temperatures approach, but Police is urging everyone to be cautious before taking the plunge.

Being safety conscious takes a little time but ensures a life time of fun in, on or under the water, says Deputy Commissioner Pelenatita Fe’ao Vaisuai.

To avoid these from occurring we all need to take time to consider all activities around water this coming festive season, even if it is just ensuring we are actively watching and supervising those in the water.

Make sure that you are familiar with the beaches that you’re taking your loved ones to, and if all else fails you can save yourself by ensuring your swimming ability is right for the conditions or you are wearing a life jacket.

“Our message to all this summer is to think safety before you put your boat or yourself in the water. Be prepared and keep an eye on the weather and water conditions.

If it’s not looking good or you’re not sure have a break.


Heartbreaking images of drowned Tongan boy emerge online

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