Is the man accused of Melbourne’s CBD deadly rampage having Tongan connection?

The perpetrator of the car ramming terrorist attack carried out in Melbourne, Australia, on Friday, January 20,  claimed he was a “Muslim Kurd” on Facebook, but has now been positively identified as a mixed-race person with a Greek father and a Tongan mother, the newobserveronline has reported.

Dimitrious Gargasoulas, also known as James “Jimmy” Gargasoulas. claimed on Facebook however that his racial origin was “greek islamic kurdish” [sic].

On January 13 , acording to he wrote that he was not Greek-Tongan, “I am actually Greek Islamic Kurdish ANGEL OF CULT”, saying to Google “Yazdânism”. “Heaven and Hell IS REAL!!! WHO AGREES?” he wrote. “I promise and hold a lot of answers. Ask me something.”

Daily Mail report said: “He also embraced his ‘half Greek and half Tongan’ ethnicity, which in the same post he denied in favour of being referred to as Kurdish”.

Whatever the case, Gargasoulas had just been arrested the weekend before for a number of violent offences, including assault and car theft.

Only six days before the attack, Gargasoulas wrote on his Facebook site that “I’ll take you all out just me you need a army to take me and so far you have presented half a army of useless wait until you see mine” [sic].

The car ramming attack is the latest in a number of similar incidents, all proposed and encouraged by ISIS in a recent issue of its magazine Rumiyah. Other prominent such attacks have taken place in Nice, France, and Berlin, Germany.

The controlled media immediately activated its usual excuse of “mental health issues” to try and hide the fact that the attack was similar to the other Islamist terrorist incidents, with the Daily Mail and the Australian both claiming that Gargasoulas had a history of mental health issues and that he was only “wearing red underpants” at the time of his arrest.

In reality, Gargasoulas was fully clothed when he carried out the attack, and pictures of him in his underwear show clearly that his clothes had been cut off him by medical teams attending to him after police had opened fire to stop his terrorist attack.

Victoria’s police chief commissioner Graham Ashton was also quick off the mark to deny that there was any terrorist link to the attack, even though the suspect had not even been questioned and was still in the hospital when the denial was made.

“We know a fair bit about the driver’s background and the incident is not related to any counter-terrorism or terror-related activity. There’s an extensive family violence history. He’s come to our attention many times in the past,” commissioner Ashton said.

News Observer & Daily Mail

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