VIDEO: Terrifying road rage caught on video; Tongan passengers plea with attacker to stop

An infuriated driver threw punches through another motorist’s window while Tongan passengers in the vehicle queued behind can be heard pleading with him to stop.

One of the Tongan passengers, a woman who was seated in the front seat, appeared to have stuck her head outside the front left window as she begged the man to stop the attack.

“Be patient please boy! That’s enough! Be patient please!”, the woman pleaded with the attacker in Tongan.

But the assailant, whom the passengers can be heard referring to as a Tongan, kept throwing punches through the window as he stood outside the victim’s car.

The aggressor was about to return to his vehicle before he turned back and continued punching the victim through the window.

The Tongan driver of the car behind the victim’s car can be heard asking one of the passengers to sit in his seat so he could go outside to try and stop the man from continuing the attack.

But a woman can be heard stopping him from trying to interfere in the altercation.

“Is he Tongan”, the Tongan motorist asked as the responses from the passengers agreed and can be heard saying, “yes he is Tongan”.

It was not clear whether or not the person the assailant was punching had suffered injuries.

It appeared the victim did not attempt to fight back.

The attacker finally gave up and walked back to his car as the Tongan passengers can be heard sympathizing with  the victim’s devastating experience.

The incident was recorded on video apparently by one of the Tongan passengers whom can be heard talking about the incident in fluent Tongan.

The video has been widely shared on Tongan Facebook groups and pages since last week.

Kaniva News is not able to confirm its authenticity and origin, or where was the incident taken place.

It is unknown whether or not the incident was reported to Police.

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