Give our boys time to prepare for weekend match asks Mate Ma’a Tonga president

Mate Ma’a Tonga President Semisi Sika has asked that the team be given peace and quiet
while they prepare for Saturday’s battle with England.

Tonga, which has now won four games in a row, goes up against the Englishmen at Mt
Smart Stadium in Auckland at 6pm New Zealand time.

England defeated Papua New Guinea 36-6 last Sunday, the day after the Mate Ma’a Tonga
defeated Lebanon 24-22.

“We need our players to focus on training for their games and getting adequate rest
needed for their best performance,” Hon. Sika, who is also Tonga’s Minister for Tourism,

“Please show your support by giving them space and time needed for their preparation. We
look forward to a unified celebration…after the games are finished.”

He asked that family and friends refrain from contacting players in the lead-up to the game.

Hon. Sika also asked people to be wary of unauthorised people soliciting for donations for
Mate Ma’a Tonga.

“We also discourage holding anymore fundraisers on behalf of Mate Ma’a Tonga, until there is an official announcement from the Tonga National Rugby League Committee,” he said.

Contributions from businesses in Tonga and the government had been sufficient to provide
the players,” weekly income.

“Our players understand our financial limitations as a country and do not expect any more
money,” Hon. Sika said.

“To date, all necessary expenses for the team’s travel, accommodation, training and games are sufficiently funded.”

If individuals wanted to make donations they should contact himself via Facebook or on
[email protected] or the League’s CEO, Stan Moheloa, on [email protected].

Hon. Sika said the Mate Ma’a extended their deepest appreciation for all the support they
had received.

“We have been blessed with great success so far in the World Cup,” he said.

“We remind all supporters to take safety precautions to ensure all of our people are safe
during these exciting times.”

In other games this weekend, Australia and Fiji kick off in Brisbane at 7pm Queensland timeon Friday.

The final will be played in Brisbane on December 2 at 7pm Queensland time.

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