Australian woman hospitalised after vicious attack during burglary in Tonga

'Ave ki fale mahaki ha fefine palangi 'Aositelēlia hili hano 'ohofi 'i Fāhefa 'o taa'i'aki ha fo'i maka hono 'ulu 'aneafi Sāpate ko hono 18. Kei kumi 'e he kau polisi 'a e toko ua ne na fai 'a e 'ohofi 'a ia 'oku nau pehē ngali 'oku nau 'ilo 'a e toko ua ni. Na'e hola e ongo tangata mo ha ongo hina kava mālohi 'e ua hili 'ena hū ki ha fale ko e fefine pe toko taha na'e 'i ai. Ne toki tau atu hono husepāniti 'o ma'u 'a e 'ohofi ko eni 'o iku feholaki ai 'a e ongo tangata ni. Kuo fakahalaki foki 'e he kau polisi 'a e fakamatala hala he Feisipuka 'o pehē ko e fefine 'eni ne 'i Tonga 'o kau he timi tokoni afā 'a 'Aositelēlia.

An Australian woman has been taken to hospital after a vicious assault in Fāhefa, Tongatapu yesterday Sunday 18.

The suspects were still at large.

Police said two men entered the house where the woman and her husband lived.

They allegedly hit the woman’s head with a rock. The attack was interrupted by the husband who arrived back home to find his wife had been brutally attacked.

The intruders took off with two liquor bottles, a Police spokesperson told Kaniva News.

Nukunuku Police arrived at the scene and took the woman to hospital, Police said.

Police believed they knew the suspects and they were still searching for them.

Police said claims on Facebook that the woman was a member of the Australian Humanitarian and Relief assistance teams who arrived in Tonga after tropical cyclone Gita, was incorrect.

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