China offers $1.3 million pa’anga relief fund to help Tonga recover from cyclone Gita

Fakahā 'e Siaina 'enau tokoni ki Tonga 'e kamata'aki 'a e pa'anga $1.3 miliona. Pea 'e hokohoko atu 'a e fonua ni 'i he'ene ngaahi tokoni kehekehe pe ke langa 'a Tonga lolotonga 'a e fakaakeake mei he saikolone ko Gita. Ko hono fakahā 'eni 'e he 'Amipasitoa Siaina ki Tonga ki he Kaniva hili ha'ane fakataha mo e 'Eiki Palēmia 'o Tonga, 'Akilisi Pōhiva he pongipongi ni Tu'apulelulu 'aho 15

China is offering an initial relief fund of more than $1.3 million pa’anga to support Tonga following the ferocious winds of Tropical Cyclone Gita.

The offer was confirmed this morning after Prime Minster ‘Akilisi Pōhiva met with His Excellency Wang Baodong, Chinese Ambassador to Tonga, a statement released to Kaniva News by the Chinese Embassy said.

The Chinese Government has provided US$500,000 of emergency humanitarian assistance by remittance to the Tongan Government.

The Red Cross Society of China pledged US$100,000 of emergency humanitarian assistance by remittance to the Red Cross Society of Tonga.

The Chinese Embassy in Tonga has offered $40,000 Pa’anga by remittance for the relief work.

“Furthermore, the Chinese side will continue to actively help the Tongan government and people fight against the disaster and rebuild the country according to the need of the Tongan side,” Chinese Ambassador to Tonga said.

Prime Minister Pōhiva welcomed the Chinese assistance, the statement said.

Hon. Pōhiva was quoted as saying “Tonga looks forward to China’s participation in the post-disaster reconstruction of Tonga and is ready to keep communication with the Chinese side on the recovery effort.”

Before the meeting, the embassy sent a message expressing its “heartfelt condolences” to those affected by the category 4 storm in Tonga.

“Honorable Wang Yi, Minister of Foreign Affairs of China sent a message to Honorable Akilisi Pohiva, Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Tonga on February 13, extending heartfelt sympathy to the Government and people of Tonga, vowing that China is ready to provide emergency disaster relief assistance within its capacity, and believing that with the joint efforts of the Tongan government and people, Tonga will be able to overcome the disaster and rebuild the country.”

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