Crash victims were “teachers and best friends” while at high school: wife

Ko e toko ua ne mate 'i he fakatu'utāmaki me'alele 'i 'Atele 'anepō Tokonaki ko hono 24 ko Fangufangumana Jr. Lātū mo Sōsefo Kalangalupe Lōloa. Ko e fepaki 'eni 'a ha kā mo ha veeni 'i he Hala Tāufa'āhau. Ko hano fakapapau'i 'eni 'o e ongongo ni ki he Kaniva 'e he ongo uaifi 'o e ongo pekia.

Two teachers who were killed in a two-vehicle crash are being remembered for their friendship since they were at Tonga High School.

As Kaniva News reported this morning, four people were believed to have been in the vehicles at the time of the crash.

The deceased were on their way from Lapaha after a barbecue party.

Fangufangu Mana Jr Lātū and Sōsefo Kalangalupe Lōloa died last night after a car they were passengers in collided with a van on Taufa’āhau main road in ‘Atele.

Sōsefo’s wife Tu’itamala Lōloa confirmed to Kaniva News this evening she was the driver of the car when the accident hit.

She said Fangufangumana and Sōsefo were best friends while they were at high school.

Tu’itamala said Sōsefo was a teacher at Lōtolu Government Middle school for about 10 years before he was moved to teach at Talafo’ou Government Middle School this year.

Kaniva News understands Fangufangumana was a Biology teacher and he held a post of Teaching Assistant at the University of the South Pacific’s Centre of Forensic Science, Tonga campus.

His wife Tupou Lātū told our correspondent in Tonga, the victims had a barbecue in Lapaha and they were on their way to drop off Fangufangumana before the accident occurred.

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