Minister calls for stronger engagement in local government roles

Fakahā 'e he Minisitā ki he Ngaahi Me'a fakalotofonua ki he kau 'Ōfisa Kolo mo e Pule Fakavahe kotoa 'o Tonga kuo 'i ai 'a 'ene fokotu'utu'u fo'ou pea 'oku ne faka'amu ke nau ngāue fakataha mo vave ki hono fakahoko. Ko ha fakataha 'aho 'e ua 'eni 'i Nuku'alofa ne kau mai ki ai 'a e kau 'ofisa kotoa tukukehe 'a Niua ne 'ikai ha vaka. Ne fakahoko 'a e fakataha fakata'u ni 'i he 'aho Mōnite mo 'aneafi.

Minster of Internal Affairs Hon. ‘Akosita Lavulavu has called on town and district officers to work together and help support her new policies.

The call comes during a two-day induction meeting for district and town officers all over Tonga which was held on February 5-6 at the Fa’onelua Convention Centre in Nuku’alofa.

“We have new policies,” she told the meetings in Tongan.

Various stakeholder representatives including CEO for MAFFF Dr Viliami Manu, Director for NEMO Mr Lēveni ‘Aho, Acting Deputy Commissioner Mr Tēvita Vailea, Ministry of Health presented papers during the meetings.

As Kaniva News reported last month, the Minister has put in place some first 100-day goals for the Ministry.

It says every town in Tonga is expected to hold its own community reunions, have sister cities and town and district officers must for the first time work according to a government handbook.

Eva Tu’uholoaki, Deputy CEO Local Government and Community Development Division said: “The ultimate purpose the Ministry is organizing this program is to reinforce the working relationships of the line Ministries with the District and Town Officers.

“It is important that the duties of the District and Town Officers outlined on the 1988 amendment Act is reminded in a consultative manner during this program.”

Twenty one District Officers attending the meeting includes seven from Tongatapu, six from Vava’u, six from Ha’apai and two from ‘Eua.  Sixty One Town Officers came from Tongatapu only.

This was an opportunity for the Ministry,  District and Town Officers to discuss and take a relook at their duties as they had been changed over the years since the legislation was developed since 1988, Tu’uholoaki said.

The annual induction meeting was funded by the Ministry.

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