Revenge threat triggers war of words on Social media after man killed in Hihifo

Kole Minisitā Polisi ki he ongo fāmili ke na fekātaki'aki pea ke tuku ki he kau polisi ke nau fakahoko honau fatongia hili e pekia 'a ha tangata mei Pea ne ma'u hono sino ofi 'i ha hala 'i Fatai he Sāpate. Kuo tohi ha tangata he Feisipuka 'oku mahino 'oku ne nofo Hawaii 'o fakamana te ne fai 'a e sāuni ki he toko taha kuo tukuaki'i ki he mate. Pea kuo mapuna hake ai ha felauaki he Feisipuka.

Police Minister Māteni Tapueluelu has called for the families of the suspect and victim in the Hihifo murder to leave it to the law and the police to do their job.

Speaking to Kaniva News in Auckland tonight, Hon. Tapueluelu said he was aware that threats of revenge had been made on Facebook.

“I appeal to both families of the suspect and the victim with due respect to please keep the peace and be patience,” the Minister said.

“I trust your Ministry of Police will do their best to satisfy all parties and justice will prevail.

“I understand this is a very difficult time but we have obligation to keep the order and respect each other especially the rule of laws.”

As Kaniva News reported yesterday, a 32-year-old man has been arrested after a 24-year-old man was killed and his body was found near a road in Fatai on Sunday evening.

The victim had been stabbed and was declared dead on arrival at Vaiola hospital.

Police have not officially released the deceased’s name.

A brawl broke out on Facebook last night after a relative of the deceased posted a threat to take revenge against the alleged killer.

It is understood the person who made the threat lives in Hawai’i.

The post was accompanied by a photo of a person alleged to be the killer.

Some people have begged with him to forgive the alleged killer and withdraw his post.

“Blood revenge will not solve anything. It will not return to us the life that has been lost,” one person wrote.

Some people who appeared to be supporters of the accused challenged the original post.

The original post has been widely shared by Facebook pages and groups which collected and shared news about Tonga. These groups have thousands of members and viewers.

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