Air New Zealand issue warning over anniversary phishing scam

Kuo fakatokanga e 'Ea Nu'u Sila ki ha kākā ke tauhele'i ha fakamatala taautaha mei he kakai 'oku fai 'i he mītia fakasōsiale 'o tala 'e ma'u ai ha tikite ta'etotongi 'e ua mei he kautaha ni. Ko ha savea 'eni kuo tuku atu 'e ha kau kākā he 'initaneti 'o pehē ka ke kau ange ki ha'anau savea 'oku fai pea 'e foaki atu 'a e me'a'ofa tikite 'o pehē ko e 'ai ke fakamanatu 'aki e ta'u 50 'o e kautaha 'Ea Nu'u Sila. Ka ko hono mo'oni ko e ta'u 77 'eni ia 'o e kautaha pea 'e ta'u 78 'i 'Epeleli. Kuo ui ai e kautaha ni ki he kakai ke 'oua na'a nau kiliki he lingi (link) 'o e fo'i tauhele ko 'eni. Kuo fetu'utaki e kautaha vakapuna ni ki he ngaahi mitia fakasōsiale ke to'o e ngāue pango ni mei he neti.

The public are being alerted to a scam where fraudsters claim to offer a “2 Free Air New Zealand Tickets” in a bid to con them into divulging personal details.

The airline said it is aware of customers being targeted in a new wave of a phishing scam referencing a “50th Anniversary Giveaway”.

In fact the airline is 77 years old, turning 78 on April 30 this year.

Air New Zealand spokeswoman Anna Cross told Fairfax the company is working to have the scam removed from social media sites.

“She advised people not to click on any suspicious links.”

“The company reiterated this advice in a twitter post.”

As Kaniva News reported in January, Air New Zealand warned its customers not to be taken in by a “free flights” scam that has gone viral on the social media platform.

The scam claims to offer two free tickets to everyone that participates in an online survey.

“We only have 120 tickets remaining so hurry up,” the message reads.

Sometimes when a business is growing, it needs a little help.

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