Church minister visits Lapaha attack victim

Na'e 'a'ahi 'a Pātele Leonaitasi Tongia mei he Katolika Loma ki he fefine Siaina 'a'ana ha fale koloa 'i Lapaha 'a ia ne taa'i 'o tokoto fale mahaki he pō Sapate. 'Oku 'asi he tā ne 'omai ki he Kaniva 'a hono tāpuaki'i 'e he pātele ni 'a e fefine 'a ia 'oku 'iloa ki he kakai 'o Lapaha mo kinautolu fakatau 'i hono fale koloa ko Malia Siaina. 'Oku mahino 'i he la'itā 'o e 'a'ahi ko 'eni 'a pātele na'e hoko ha lavea mo ha fepulopulasi ki he fofonga 'o Malia. Kuo 'osi fakahū ha toko ua ki he tā fakalavea mo e kaiha'a ko 'eni.

A Catholic priest has yesterday visited the victim of Sunday’s Lapaha armed robbery attack in Vaiola hospital.

Fr. Leonaitasi Tongia spoke to the woman who was viciously punched until she fell to the floor and became unconscious.

A poignant image captured the moment Fr. Tongia blessed the woman who was known to locals as Malia Siaina or Malia the Chinese.

The priest placed a hand on Malia’s head while blessing her. The photo showed she suffered bruises and injuries to her head and face.

As Kaniva News reported this week, Police have arrested two teenage boys aged 16 and 17 after the 61-year-old was assaulted

Police said the incident happened at around 9pm on Sunday 19.

The intruders knocked on the door and it is believed they told the victim when they were outside they wanted to buy cigarettes, Police said.

Once the door was opened one of them forced his way inside and began attcking the victim At one stage they allegedly hit her head with a rock. They eventually fled with cigarettes, cash and other items, Police said.

Police alleged the teens had been sniffing benzene before they committed the crime.

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