Gov’t denies allegation Lord Ma’afu was reinstated to cabinet

'Oku 'ikai mooni 'a e fakamatala oku tufaki holo 'I he mitia fakasosiale 'o pehe kuo toe fakafoki 'a Looti Ma'afu ki he kapineti. Na'e fakafisi 'a Ma'afu 'i he konga ki mu'a 'o e mahina ni. Pehe 'e Lopeti Senituli ki he Kaniva 'oku kei 'i tu'a pe 'a Ma'afu. Fakaha 'e he minisita polisi ko 'ene tu'u 'a e lao mo e konisitutone lolotonga 'oku 'ikai ha kupu ia ai te ne fakamafai'i e tu'i ke ne fakafoki ha fakafisi 'a ha minisita 'e 'oatu mei he 'Eiki Palemia. Ko e ongoongo telelouniu ko 'eni 'oku ngali ko e ha'u mei he taha 'o e fanga ki'i kulupu 'oku nau toutou fokotu'u hake 'a e ngaahi ongoongo ta'emo'oni ko e konga 'enau malanga fakafepaki ki he pule'anga 'o 'Akilisi Pohiva.

The government has denied allegation that Lord Ma’afu has been reinstated into cabinet.

The king’s noble resigned early this month as Tonga’s Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, as well as the Minister responsible for His Majesty’s Armed Forces.

“Lord Ma’afu has not been reinstated into Cabinet,” Lopeti Senituli, the Prime Minister’s media advisor told Kaniva News.

The allegation about the reinstatement appeared to have come from one of the few Tongan propagandic groups on Facebook which regularly posted fake news against Prime Minister ‘Akilisi Pohiva’s government.

It said Lord Ma’afu was reappointed after the king rejected his resignation.

The Minister of Police Mateni Tapueluelu said there was no clause in the Tongan constitution to give the king powers to make such a decision.

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