Police rush unconscious woman in Hahake to hospital

Ngāue atu 'a e kau polisi ki ha fefine ne 'ikai ke ne toe 'ilo ha me'a 'i ha 'api 'i Lapaha he ho'atā 'o e 'aho ni Tokonaki ko hono 3 'o Mā'asi. Ne nau iku leleaki'i 'a e fefine ki fale mahaki 'i ha tu'unga te'eki mahino 'ene mo'ui. 'I ha vitiō mei ha telefoni ne 'ohake 'i he Feisipuka 'oku 'asi ai ha fefine 'oku 'ikai toe ngaue ka na'a ne tokoto pe he musie 'i ha tu'afale kae tu'u takai ha kakai fakataha mo e kau polisi. 'Oku te'eki mahino 'a e tupu'anga e me'a na'e hoko.

Police raced to a Lapaha residence in Tongatapu this afternoon after reports that a woman was found unconscious.

A neighbour told Kaniva News she was surprised when she heard two Police vans coming down with their sirens on before they stopped at her neighbour.

A video clip apparently taken at the scene appears to show the moment Police were talking to people at the property before they carried a woman who was apparently lying unresponsive on the ground to one of the Police vans.

A person is overheard saying before the vans leaving the scene they would contact the family about the condition of the woman

The neighbour said on a post on Facebook Police took the unconscious woman to hospital.

The circumstances surrounding the incident are unknown. Police could not be reached for comment.

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