Police deny hit-and-run reports after man killed in Tongatapu road accident

Kuo faka'ikai'i 'e he kau Polisi 'a e pehē na'e mate ha tangata ta'u 51 'i Veitongo he pō Tūsite hili hano tui'i pea lele pe faka'uli. Fakahā 'e he Tokoni Pule Le'ole'o 'Apitanga Polisi Nuku'alofa ki he Kaniva na'e tu'u pe 'a e tangata'eiki faifekau ko 'eni ta'u 60 'o tokoni'i 'a e toko taha ne tui'i 'o leleaki'i ki fale mahaki 'o fakapapau'i ai kuo ne 'osi mate. Na'e puke ai pe 'a e faka'uli mo 'ene me'alele pea kuo faka'ilo ki he faka'uli ta'etokanga 'o fakatupunga 'a e mate.

Reports early this week said a 51-year-old man died in Veitongo on Tuesday 3 after he was knocked down by a hit-and-run driver on Taufa’ahau main road.

But Police have denied the reports.

Acting Police Superintendent Tevita Vailea told Kaniva News he had been contacted after reports on Facebook wrongly accused the 60-year-old man, who was driving the vehicle at the time of the accident, of hit-and-run.

“’Oku ‘ikai mo’oni e pehe ko e hit and run,” Vailea said.

This translates into English as: “The hit-and-run claim is untrue.”

The victim from Folaha was declared dead on arrival at Vaiola hospital.

The driver, who was also a church minister, stopped and helped the victim before he was rushed to hospital, Vailea said.

Police arrested him after receiving a report of the accident at around 11.30pm.

The accused was charged with careless driving causing death.

Police believed “poor visibility due to bad weather” and high speed were factors in the fatal accident.

Police investigation continues.

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