Tonga Rugby Union member served with trespass notice, suspended

Kuo ‘oatu ha fakatokanga tapu halaloto ‘api ki ha mēmipa ‘o e Poate ‘Akapulu ‘Iunioni ‘a Tonga’ koe’uhī ko ‘ene anga ta’efaka’apa’apa mo fakatupulotomamahi lolotonga ‘ene tu’u ange ki he hetikuata ‘o e ‘Iunioni’ he ‘aho 16 ‘o ‘Epeleli’. Kuo tuli fakataimi ai ‘a ‘Aisea ‘Aholelei mei he Poate ‘Akapulu' ‘o tali ki ha tu’utu’uni faka’ulungāanga kiate ia ‘i he kaha’u’. Kaekehe, ne pousi hake ‘e ‘Aholelei ‘a e fakatokanga’ ni he Feisipuka’ mo ne pehē ko e ola ‘eni ia ‘o ‘e te lea’aki ‘a e mo’oni’i ki he kau taki pea ‘e fēfē ai ka ‘ikai ha liliu.

A trespass notice has been issued to a Tonga Rugby Union member for being allegedly “rude and offensive” while he turned up at the Union’s main office in Nuku’alofa on April 16.

‘Aisea ‘Aholelei had been suspended from TRU board pending future disciplinary action.

“I regret having to resort to this action but your filthy outbursts in the presence of the TRU office staff and Under 20 Team Manager beggar’s belief and rightly deserved to be disciplined,” a copy of the notice seen by Kaniva News said.

It said ‘Aholelei’s actions breached  TRU’s Code of Conduct.

Aholelei took to Facebook and posted the notice.

“This is what happens when you voice the honest truth to Tonga Rugby Union bosses what is happening to Tongan Rugby if nothing changes,” ‘Aholelei wrote on Facebook.

“In accordance with the authority vested in me as being the TRU’s ICEO and as stipulated in clause 28 of TRU’s constitution dated 21 June 2013, your position as Vahekolo District  Representative to the TRU Board of Directors is hereby suspended pending future Discipline Action,” the notice, which was signed by TRU Interim CEO Fe’ao Vunipola said.

Vunipola, who confirmed to us the trespass notice, told ‘Aholelei his action was uncalled for and it against the Triparte Agreement which was jointly endorsed by World Rugby, Tonga government and TRU last year.

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