‘Cockroach milk’ is latest superfood trend

Kuo pehē ‘e ha kau mataotao ‘oku tupu ‘i he sino ‘o e mongomonga’ ha hu’akau lanu ma’a ‘oku si’i hono ma’u’ ka ‘oku ‘i ai e ‘uuni lelei lahi ai ki he mo’ui ‘a e tangata. Ko e hu’akau ni ‘oku ma’u pe ia mei he fa’ahinga mongomonga ‘oku ‘iloa i he Pasifiki’ ko e Pacific Beetle. Kuo 'osi 'ahi'ahi'i 'e ha ni'ihi 'o nau pehē 'ikai toe kehekehe ia mo e hu'akau pulu'. ‘Oku tu’uaki e hu’akau mei he mongomonga’ ‘o pehē ‘e liunga fā ‘a e polōtini ‘oku ma’u he hu’akau pulu’ pea toki tatau ia mo e lahi ‘o e polōtini ‘oku ma’u he hu’akau mongomonga’. 'Oku mohu ‘aupito ai e fa’ahinga ‘ēsiti ‘oku ‘iloa ko e ‘amino 'a ia 'oku' ne fa'u e polōtini' mo e tīsiu 'o e uoua'. ‘Oku ngali ko ‘Aositelēlia te nau kamata’i hono fakamāketi’i ‘o e hu’akau mongomonga’ 'o tuku atu ki he ngaahi fale kofi'.

Experts say a rare milk crystal produced by cockroaches contains human health benefits, and the finding is catching a lot of attention from superfood enthusiasts, KABC-TV reports.

You won’t find the rare crystals inside your average house pest because they are only produced by the Pacific Beetle cockroach.

The cockroach milk boasts four times as much protein as cow’s milk and is packed with essential amino acids.

That may be enough reason for health nuts to make the dairy switch when dipping their cookies in milk.

Discovery of the health benefits from the cockroach milk go back as far as two years.

Cockroach milk could become a new addition to the superfood craze, with food-conscious Australians opting for a dairy alternative in their morning coffee, Daily Mail reports.

The cockroach crystals, which contain the milk, ‘are like a complete food’ with ‘all the essential amino acids’, a researcher from the Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine in India has claimed.

Another researcher told U.S. National Public Radio he tried the milk and it tasted no different from cow’s milk.

Milk found from the Australian native Pacific beetle cockroach was found to contain protein sequences with all the essential amino acids, plus proteins, fats, and sugars and three times the energy of dairy milk, the 2016 study found.

Some people may find it surprising that the bug even makes milk at all.

Diploptera Punctata is the only species of roach that gives birth to living offspring, as opposed to laying eggs, and produces milk to feed their young.

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