Outgoing minister Lord Ma’afu is reinstated after reconciliation, PM office says

Toe foki 'a Looti Ma'afu ki he Kapineti' hili ha fakalelei he pongipongi' ni 'i hona vā mo e minisitā polisi' Māteni Tapueluelu. Pehē 'e Lōpeti Senituli na'e ui 'e he Palēmia' e fakataha fakalelei' ni pea na'e tali lelei 'e Ma'afu mo Tapueluelu. Na'e toe tali 'e Ma'afu e fakaafe atu 'a e palēmia' ke ne foki ki he kapineti 'o hoko atu pe ko e minisitā ki he Fonua, Savea mo e Kelekele pehē ki he Taumalu'i 'a 'Ene 'Afio'. Mahino he fakalelei' ni ngali ne 'i ai ha fepaki he kapineti' 'i Fepueli 'o iku ai ki he tau'aki fakafisi 'a e ongo minisitaa' ni ka ne 'ikai tali e fakafisi ia 'a Tapueluelu' foki

The king’s noble who stepped down from Prime Minister ‘Akilisi Pōhiva’s cabinet in early March has been reinstated.

Lord Ma’afu resigned as Tonga’s Minister of Lands and Survey as well as Minister of His Majesty’s Armed Forces, two days after the Minister of Police Hon. Māteni Tapueluelu resigned on February 28. Hon. Pōhiva rejected Hon. Tapueluelu’s resignation.

The reinstatement of Lord Ma’afu came after what the Prime Minister’s office has described as a reconciliation meeting this morning.

The  meeting was attended by Tapueluelu,  Lord Ma’afu and the Prime Minister ‘Akilisi Pōhiva, the Prime Minister’s media advisor Lōpeti Senituli told Kaniva News this afternoon.

Senituli said Hon. Pōhiva was seeking a reconciliation between Lord Ma’afu and Hon. Tapueluelu after what appears to be a clash erupted in cabinet in February which had led to the two ministers tendering their resignation.

Senituli said the two ministers had reconciled and Lord Ma’afu accepted an invitation by the Prime Minister to return to cabinet.

Hon. Tapueluelu said the Prime Minister has written to the king withdrawing his letter of revocation of Lord Ma’afu’s ministerial post appointment.

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