Police leadership training continues in outer Islands

A leadership training programme was underway for Police officers in Ha’apai and ‘Eua.

This was part of a “decision making” training programme set to upskill all Police officers in the kingdom.

This programme was introduced as part of the Police Commissioner’s priorities, with developing leadership at all levels, being his key priority. He wanted all officers of Tonga Police to be trained to develop their Leadership skills with a focus on Accountability, Authority and Responsibility (AAR).

Since the start of the Leadership Training in February 2017 there has been a shift in Police staff’s mind-set and attitude towards how they exercise powers and authority according to law in solving problems and making decisions in their everyday duty, a statement from Police says.

Commissioner Steve Caldwell emphasised to all Police Officers that as leaders they must demonstrate moral courage and be professional at all times.

The Commissioner reminded staff of the role of Tonga Police, to protect and serve, uphold the rule of law, keep the Peace and have the ability to investigate crime when it occurs and that the Tonga Police Mission Statement is ‘To earn the trust and confidence of the people of Tonga through our service to the community.’ He said we are all judged by our deeds not our words.

Commissioner challenges staff, “to reflect on what we stand for, and ask yourself this question, what does the Tonga Police look like now but more importantly, what is it going to look like in the future and what are YOU going to do to make it the best police Service WE can be, to provide the best Service WE can to our people.”

The training is a three-stage development process with the first stage comprising of a pre-course questionnaire and a short multiple choice examination on the material that was delivered. Stage two comprises of a face to face training session. The drive to embed the behavioural change aspect of the program was emphasized in stage three.

The training is conducted by 9 officers who were also trained as trainers to train the remaining police staff over the following two years, and facilitated by consultants, Mr Steve Longford and Mr Greg Phillips from New Intelligence, Australia. The funding support is met by the Tonga Police Development Program sponsored by New Zealand and Australian Government.

Over 90% of sworn officers and non-sworn members have completed phase one of the training and 60% have completed the three-stages of Leadership Training.

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