What made Meghan Markle blush on her first honeymoon?

‘Oku kei fakapulipuli pe te’eki fakahā e feitu’u ‘e 'uluaki mālōlō ‘eve’eva ki ai ‘a e ongo tamaiki ta’ane Pilitānia ‘a Harry mo Meghan. Pe ko fē pe te na fili’, ko e me’a ‘oku mahino mai’ ‘oku ‘amanaki ‘a Meghan ko e folau’ ni ‘e ‘ikai hoko ha me’a ai ke hangē ko ‘ene fuofua folau ‘eve’eva mo hono ‘uluaki mali’ ‘i Nu’u Sila – ‘a ia ko ha tau totolo atu ‘a ha leka ta’u 13 ‘o feinga ke kaiha’asi hano valaloto (tulou atu’) lolotonga ‘oku saoa ‘a Meghan. Na’e ‘uluaki mali foki ‘a e ta’ahine Taasi ‘o Saseki’ (Duchess of Sussex) mo e tangata fa’u faiva hele’uhila ko Trevor Engelson pea toki unuhi atu ia ko ‘eni ‘e he pilinisi ‘o loto Lonitoni’ ke hoko ko hono ‘ohoana.

By Stephen D’antal In Auckland For The Mail On Sunday

More than a week after their wedding, Harry and Meghan’s honeymoon destination still remains a closely guarded secret.

But wherever they choose, Meghan will be hoping the trip is less eventful than her first honeymoon in New Zealand – when a teenage boy crawled into her shower cubicle and tried to steal her underwear, the Daily Mail reports.

Meghan’s antipodean embarrassment came during a dream holiday with her new film-producer husband Trevor Engelson, when the couple rented a campervan for a two-week road trip during the Christmas and New Year of 2011/2012.

They visited remote glaciers, seal colonies and wineries, and swam with dolphins before reaching Akaroa, near Christchurch, and checking into a rural campsite.

But as Meghan took a shower, a 13-year-old boy crept into her stall and caught Meghan in the nude – forcing her, draped in a towel, to follow him through a site packed with holidaymakers to confront his horrified parents.

Meghan, 36, revealed her holiday adventure during a later interview with a New Zealand radio station to promote her role in the TV drama Suits.

“When we got into the campsite, they had nice areas to take a shower and I’m washing my hair and I hear something,” she said.

“I open the shower curtain and there’s this 13-year-old boy who had crawled under the stall and was trying to steal my underwear.

“I grabbed a towel and I’m like, ‘Where is your mother?!’ I found his parents, who were mortified,” she said. “I can laugh about it now but at the time I was so shaken up,” she told the ZM breakfast show. “He was just a little prankster, he was harmless – probably bored to tears with his family.”

Meghan is expected to return to New Zealand in October with Harry after they visit Australia for the Invictus Games.

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