Young brother laments older brother’s death on social media

A young brother has lamented the death of his older brother on social media.

Writing on Facebook, Sione Makaui described his older brother Viniseni Makaui as not only a brother but he was also a father to him.

As Kaniva News reported last night, Viniseni died after two cars collided at the intersection of Bucklands and Massey rds in Mangere, South Auckland, New Zealand.

It has been revealed Viniseni was on his way back from a family wedding celebration in south Auckland before the tragic accident struck.

The sudden death of Viniseni has left the Houma, Tongatapu and the kava Tonga communities shocked, upset and saying they did not believe the news.

Viniseni who was widely known to many as Vini, was described as the man of the kolo (town) and siasi (church).

His smiling face and the way how he did things for jokes and in jest just to make the Houma people happy when they often met at his home for a community function, were deeply remembered

When there were needs for the Houma community to come together for an event or to raise fund to help the Houma community in Tonga, Viniseni was there to lead the kāinga.

He held a herald name Makaui for noble Lord Vaea.

Sione posted photos of him and Viniseni on Facebook last night with an emotional caption.

The caption is translated into English as: “These are my last photos with my older loving brother Viniseni Makaui (RIP) during a family wedding this afternoon. My youngest daughter, who was named after our mother (‘Ofa Makaui RIP) performed a dance. He has left leaving me alone. Good bye I am dying of crying because I treated you as a father since I arrived in this country in 1986. I now end my post but my love for your loving face will never end.”

The caption in Tonga read:

“Ko si ‘oku fanga ki’i ‘ata fk’osi ‘eni mo hoku ta’okete mata ‘ofa(Viniseni Makaui RIP),he’e mau ki’i mali ‘ane nai nae sii tauolunga ai hoku kii uhiki sii sii taha oku sii ui kihe ema Fae (Ofa Makaui RIP).Pea hola ia kae sii li’aki mai au keu si’i nofo toko taha pe..Folau aa teu si’i mate he Tangi he na’aku Tamai pe kiate au talu ‘eku tu’uta ‘ihe founa ni ‘ihe 1986..Ngata e tohi ka he ‘ikai ngata ‘eku ofa atu ki si’o fofonga ‘ofa..???..???.”

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