Police officer accused in deadly Kolofo’ou crash appears in court

Na'e hā 'a e `ōfisa polisi ko Vilisoni Fīnau ta'u 51 he fakamaau'anga polisi 'i Fasi' he 'aho' ni 11 'o Sune' tukuaki'i ia ki he mate 'a Tou'anga Kamea ta'u 37 'o Fangaloto'. Kuo tukuaki'i 'a Fīnau ki he hia ko e faka'uli konā, faka'uli 'i he me'alele 'ikai ha peleti fika pea toe faka'uli ta'etokanga fakatupunga ha mate. Na'e 'ikai ngāue 'a Fīnau he taimi na'a' ne tui'i ai e me'alele 'a Kamea'. Kuo toloi e hopo' ni ki he 'aho 30 Siulai'.

The Police officer accused of crashing a UT Ford van into a car killing a Fangaloto man appeared before a Magistrate judge today June 11.

Vilison Fīnau, 51, was arrested in connection to the death of 37-year-old Tou’anga Kamea.

He was charged with reckless driving causing death, driving under the influence of alcohol and driving a vehicle with no number plate.

He had his case adjourned to July 30 after prosecutor asked for amble time to provide documents.

As Kaniva News reported, Finau was off duty at the time of the accident when he allegedly failed to give way at the roundabout in Kolofo’ou crashing into Kamea’s car. Kamea died in hospital two hours later.

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