Prayer vigil held for Princess Mata ‘O Tāone Ma’afu

Na'e lolotonga lele e takipō ta'ahine pilinisesi' Lavinia Mata 'o Tāone Ma'afu 'i he vila fakatu'i' 'i Matatoa talu mei he efiafi Falaite ko hono 29 'o Sune'. 'E fakahā'ele ai pe hono sino' tapu mo ia ki Tokomololo ki he langi Huelo 'O Hangaitokelau' ke fakahekeheka ai 'ene folau'. Mei fe'unga mo e siasi 'e 14 nai 'i Tongatapu pehē ki he fale 'alo' mo e hou'eiki e fonua' ne nau kau hake ki he takipoo' ni.

A vigil was being held since last night for Princess Lavinia Mata ‘O Tāone Ma’afu.

The royal family organised and held the vigil at the royal villa at Matatoa.

About 14 churches across Tongatapu came together to join the event.

One of the organisers said people were keen to come together and share their thoughts, prayers and memories of the Princess.

They sang hymns and holy songs and church leaders made emotional speeches in memory of Her Royal Highness.

The vigil began shortly after the Princess’ body arrived at the Fua’amotu International airport from Auckland yesterday Friday 29.

Their Majesties King Tupou VI and Queen Nanasipau’u returned from Ha’apai yesterday morning to welcome the arrival of the cortege.

The king’s first cousin will be laid to rest in Tokomolo at the Langi ko Huelo ‘o Hangai Tokelau.

Tokomololo is one of Lord Ma’afu’s estates.

Princess Tāone, 66, married to Lord Ma’afu and they had two children.

She spent most of her life in Auckland before she died on Friday 22.

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