Jacinda Ardern to name Cabinet on Monday

This story was originally appeared on RNZ.co.nz and is republished with permission

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern has confirmed that the new Cabinet will be named on Monday and sworn in on Friday.

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern on election night.
Labour leader Jacinda Ardern on election night. Photo: Getty Images

The first Cabinet meeting will be on Friday afternoon, she said.

“I will also give a speech later next week setting out the new government’s priorities though to the end of this year, in particular actions we will take to accelerate the economic recovery and to continue keeping New Zealand and New Zealanders safe from Covid.”

The results from the General election earlier this month have given the Labour Party the numbers to govern alone. With 64 seats, Labour will be the first party able to govern alone since MMP was introduced in 1996.

Ardern made the announcement this afternoon as she revealed the Green Party had still been offered two ministerial positions outside Cabinet.

She said the new Cabinet will be announced regardless of the decision by Green members on the cooperation agreement.

Ardern said there was a reference in the agreement around the Labour government’s intention to work with political parties from across parliament on issues affecting our democracy.

“That will not be specific solely to the Labour Party and the Greens, we intend to work with opposition parties on that area also. Specifically that is likely to include the Electoral Commission’s 2012 recommended changes to MMP, changes to electoral finance law, and the length of the parliamentary term.

“These are issues that came up in the lead-up to and during the election, and I intended to follow through on that.

“I believe the current parliament is uniquely positioned to address these long-term issues and find consensus on them, and judging from recent public comment there appears to be an appetite across parliament to take action on at least some of these issues.”

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