Civil servants complain after salary increments not paid before Christmas holidays as gov’t admits fault

Lāunga kau ngāue fakapule’anga’ hono fakahā ‘e ‘ikai vahe’i atu ‘enau fakalahi vāhenga makehe fakata’u pe increments ki mu’a he mālōlō Kilisimasi’. Ko e vahe ‘eni ‘oku angamaheni hono fakahoko ma’u pe ki mu’a ‘i he Kilisimasi’. Fakahā ‘e he pule’anga’ ne ‘i ai ‘a e tōnounou he’ene fua fatongia’ pea kuo fokotu’u ai mei he CEO ‘a e PSC ke toki totongi ‘i Sanuali 2021. Hili hono ‘ohake ‘īsiu’ ni ‘i Fale Alea’ ne pehē ‘e Minisitā Pa’anga ‘e toe talanoa ki he CEO na’a lava ke totongi pe ā ha konga he kuo ‘osi maau pe ko ā tokua ‘a e pa’anga’.

Tonga civil servants have complaint after being told their annual salary increases would not be paid before this Christmas holidays as usual.

Finance Minister Tēvita Lavemaau. Photo/Kalino Lātū

Known as Performance Management System (PMS), the public servants were entitled to an annual pay increase based on their performance.

The complaint was raised in Parliament last week by the Opposition saying the civil servants wanted answer.

In response, the Minister of Finance Tevita Lavemaau said there was a problem.

Hon Lavemaau said the delay came after the Public Service Commission CEO has revealed there were works still needed to be completed.

He said the CEO has asked to postpone it until January next year.

Hon Lavemaau said the money was ready and he would talk to the PSC CEO again to see if there was a chance to pay the civil servants parts of their increments before the holidays.

He said it has been for three years now the civil servants have been paid their increments before Christmas holidays.

He said this year there was a problem because of the Covid-19 pandemic and the CEOs were busy with other duties.

Sometimes when a business is growing, it needs a little help.

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