Two women who travelled from New Zealand test positive for Covid-19 in Fiji border quarantine

Toko ua kuo ma’u ‘i Fisi lolotonga hono tauhi fakamavahe’i he kolonitini ki he Koviti-19 ne na folau atu mei Nu’u Sila. Ko e ongo mātu’a ‘eni ta’u 75 mo e 57 ‘oku’ na nofo ‘Aokalani pea ne na tū’uta ‘i he Mala’evakapuna Nenitii’ ‘i ha folau ma’a e kau tukuvakaa’ he ‘aho 19 ‘o Nōvema’. Ngali ne na toki ma’u ‘a e mahaki’ he vakapuna’ he ne na tangutu ‘o ofi ki ha taha ne ne ma’u ‘a e Koviti-19. Ne fai hona sivi ‘i ‘Aokalani’ ‘o mahino ne na hao pe houa ‘eni ‘e 72 pea mavehe ‘a e vaka’ ki Fisi’. Toe sivi he’ena tū’uta ‘i Fisi’ hao pe. Ka ‘i he ‘aho hono 12 lolotonga ‘ena ‘i he kolonitini’ kuo sivi hake kinaua kuo ma’u ‘e he vailasi’.

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Two Fijians who arrived from New Zealand last month are the latest confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Fiji, and both in border quarantine.

Fiji PM Frank Bainimarama visited the Covid-19 testing facility in Suva when it opened in April.

Fiji PM Frank Bainimarama visited the Covid-19 testing facility in Suva when it opened in April. Photo: Facebook / Fiji government

The Health Ministry said the pair – aged 75 and 57 and whom live in Auckland – arrived at Nadi Airport on a repatriation flight from Auckland on 19 November.

It was likely they contracted the virus on the flight from NZ as “they were both seated near a person who tested positive in border quarantine”, the ministry said.

“They had both tested negative in Auckland, 72 hours before boarding the flight to Nadi, then tested negative again during day two testing in our border quarantine,” the ministry said in a statement.

“Their positive test results have come on day 12 of border quarantine.”

The ministry said the new cases have been under strict border quarantine conditions since they arrived in Fiji.

“They are both in stable condition and have been transferred to the isolation unit at Lautoka hospital in accordance with our standard protocol for transfer and isolation of confirmed cases.

“During this festive time, the Ministry of Health expects to continue to get more Border Quarantine cases.

“Furthermore we have the cyclone season.”

The ministry said it was working with the military to mitigate any risk at the border.

It called on the public to continue to observe the ministry’s Covid-safe measures of hand washing, cough etiquette and physical distancing.

Fiji now has nine active cases of Covid-19.

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