King’s noble Lord Dalgety hospitalised after alleged home invasion

Na’e fakalavea’i pea ‘ikai ke toe ‘ilo ‘e he taha e kau nōpele ‘a ‘Ene ‘Afio’ Lord Dalgety ‘o Sikotilani ha me’a hili ha hū atu ha kaiha’a tokua ki hono fale nofo’anga’. Na’e leleaki’i ia ki Fale Mahaki Vaiola pea ‘i he’ene a’u ki he ‘aho ni ‘oku kei uhuuhu pe hou’eiki’ he kafo ne hoko ki hono sino’. Ne ‘ikai ha toe fakaikiiki ki he tu’unga ne ‘i ai ‘a e nōpele’ ni. ‘Oku kei fekumi ‘a e kau polisi’ ki he tokotaha ne ne fakahoko ‘a e ngāue pango’ ni.

Lord Dalgety of Sikotilani was rushed to hospital after he was allegedly hit on the head and left unconscious during a recent home-invasion robbery in Tongatapu.

Lord Dalgety of Sikotilani Tonga. Photo/Tonga Parliament

Veteran Journalist Kalafi Moala has reported the incident this evening saying the 76-year-old former Chief Justice “still suffers from pain….after he was knocked to the floor”.

Speaking with the king’s noble, Moala alleged a thief broke into Dalgety’s house.

The details of his recovery and medical treatment conditions were still unknown.

Police were still hunting for his attacker since the incident occurred three weeks ago.

The Scottish QC and former Conservative politician was charged with perjury over evidence he gave to a Royal Commission into the 2009 sinking of the MV Princess Ashika ferry, which claimed the lives of 74 people.


Lord Dalgety was secretary of the firm which operated the government-owned ferry. An official report into the disaster described him as an “evasive” character who “clearly lacks integrity and honesty”, and who was “unfit to hold such an important position”.

However, the Tongan life peer was cleared in 2012 after the court case against him was thrown out due to insufficient evidence.

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